Whispered Ink

It's New Year's Day, looking up to the sky...

... We all await for the fireworks to fly

2024, you've finally arrived. I'm not anticipating a lot for this year. After 2000, and then 2021, and 2022, I've learned that it's no use to plan everything and expect things to go a certain way. It's better to have more faith and leave it all to the fates.

Before 2020 I was such a control freak! I used to make a lot of plans for the new year, spending a whole week thinking everything through for the year to come. I've learned my lesson.

Even so, nowadays I like to spend a couple of hours crafting written guidelines that I save on my Google Keep account to check every other day. I no longer expect things to unfold in a particular way, but I am clear about where I will and won't invest my energy. I believe it's crucial to be mindful of where I choose not to channel my energy, especially considering that we often spend a lot of time to things that may not yield substantial value.

Welcome, 2024. I hope you're a better year than those that have passed. But I won't expect anything from you.

“Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Expect nothing. Savor everything.” (Mark Manson)

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